Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my birthday today

its my birthday today...


no kidding!

yeah. happy birthday :)

don't ever get born on april fools day...

Earth Hour! switch off the lights..of your car!

kudos to those who supported Earth Hour. so how much energy did the whole world saved during that hour? anyway, its not about the megawatts, it never was in the first place, but the way the media reported the event by showing the numbers was/is clearly misleading...

anyway, what was the most bizarre thing i encountered during the hour?

i saw a car on the road... with lights off!

i'm not sure where to point my thumb really (roll eyes)...

Friday, March 27, 2009

lepak lepak si vegetarian

apa bikin lembu-lembu? awal-awal pagi bagi rosak benda. tunjuk muka kesian pulak. dah la tu berak dua ketul kat tepi tu. ish. tak sabar nak jadi rendang ke?

lembu, kau berak ada lap punggung ke? hmmmm... sedap kan? mentari pagi... aku nak bersenang macam korang jugak, takyah pi kerja... tapi korang kesian la, tarak internet, tak dapat main facebook, tak dapat chatting.

tangkap pakai nokia 5700 ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

laughed like old times... OLD???!!!

those were the days. the old gang can just get together and just have fun like we are still half our current ages (ehem). the venue was ahu's house, cny'09. this was a spontaneous act. ahu, upon realizing the fact that he has hit another milestone in his life, suddenly can't take it anymore! but luckily a liverpool supporter was there. You'll Never Walk Alone ahu! errr... problem is, there's only one knife...

glad jimong was there to capture the moment. i still had the best fun with you bunch (you knoe who you are). too bad a few were missing on the day. reli fun stuff. :D hahahaha still laughing everytime i remember this moment. there are things money cant buy, and this is one of them :)

mum is not going to like this ;)

photo courtesy of jimong
in this photo: me and ahu

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

P today...

what do you see?



or is it...?






Friday, January 2, 2009


when people utter the phrase "OH MY GOD!"

what will your response be?

mine would be...



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

redhat and bluepants

the next time you take your girl to the beach, make sure you think twice before sitting on that seemingly harmless log near the water... here is why...

redhat: dude the water is nice ho? cool cool de. eh! it go into my pants eh. tickles eh...
bluepants: got crab go in ma? if got better lo...

click to continue:

redhat: crab go in ah? wan do wat?
bluepants: wat else le? go in snap ur lil' bro la

redhat: weh u so bad eh. weh weh dude the log is moving eh, i pa pa eh...
bluepants: wat la. a-neh little oso scare. so sissy! crab go in u no scare the log move u scare? u go back do ur sandcastle dun bother me enjoy here...

redhat: haiya dun so mean la. reli ma the log move. later we kena sapu to the ocean n die how ah? eh no crab in my shorts eh
bluepants: see the water go back liao. nothing happen!

redhat: yay the water come again! dunno got crab o not tis time. hope u kena the crab
bluepants: ya let the crab be amazed by my lil' bro

redhat: weh dude! help! the wave like a bit big eh!
bluepants: i t...old yo..u to wor..ry about!!!

bluepants: dude there's a lobster...
redhat: dude help! i dun wanna die!

bluepants: where is tat lobster? so big eh! where where?
redhat: i'm still alive! T.T

bluepants: dude we just lost our dinner...
redhat: i wan do my sandcastle...